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April 22, 2012

260 Special and Limited Edition Mustangs by Year

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Did you know that there are at least 260 Special or Limited Edition Mustangs offered over the years in 77 general categories from the Mustang GT, to Anniversary Editions, and including significant Ford and dealer promoted local promotions? Check out our homepage for a list of them all.

Do you own one, or are we missing yours from our list? Consider submitting photos and information to us to share.


January 28, 2012

2013 Mustang

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Information on the 2013 Mustang is out. New front, hood and rear; new colors; new instrument gauges; and quite a few other new items. Check out what we’ve compiled so far.

November 22, 2011

History of Mustang through the Newspaper’s Eyes

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Looking through local newspapers in the US and Canada between 1964 to 1970 has allowed us to put together a different type of history of the Mustang. It is a history of the Mustang through the eye’s of the newspaper with a focus on Mustang advertisements. This is an interesting view of the Mustang throughout the years because we can see what was important each year through photos, graphics, models, written text, phrases, etc. Most unexpectedly it also shows an interesting view of why styles changed and how special promotions created special and limited edition Mustangs.

1969 Mustang 4.1 Litre Special

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Ever hear about the 1969 Mustang 4.1 Liter Special? We found some data possibly confirmed by a viewer that owns one. We think they were all were delivered to the Indianapolis order district (DSO 46) with special order numbers 0572, 0573, and 0574. The owner says this special order Mustang came with an automatic L-code 4.1 liter (250ci) 6-cylinder engine; special order exterior green WT7034, yellow or orange paint; white and gold pinstripe; and a 4.1 Litre Special checkered flag fender badge. Let us know if you have more information.

Information on the Canadian 1965-68 Player’s Mustang

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A viewer just sent us photos and newspaper advertisements from 1965 and 1966 for the Blue and White Mustang Player’s special edition hardtop. These Mustangs were painted blue and white to match the Player’s cigarette package. All models were hardtops, had this special blue and white exterior paint, 200ci 6-cylinder engine, full wheel covers, and an AM radio. The promotion was run as Mustang-A-Week contests in many Providences in Canada between 1965 and 1968.

The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition Hardtop

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We found many newspaper advertisements for the newly discovered 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition Mustang which featured Lime Gold exterior paint, black vinyl top, personalized interior nameplate, and Blazer exterior nameplate. This was a local limited edition Mustang for the Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland area from mid November to mid December of 1966. We think the Blazer exterior nameplate was placed just below the Mustang lettering just behind the front wheels as shown in this image we modified. Take a look at the newspaper advertisements and let us know if you have any more information.

Uncovering the 1968 Dixie Special Mustang

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We think we just found a new limited edition Mustang! Its called the Dixie Special Mustang which was available only the Mississippi and Louisiana area in the spring of 1968, and featured special paint, a Dixie Special license plate, and a Dixie Special emblem. Take a look for yourself at the newspaper advertisements we found. We also think someone found one!

Stay tuned for more information…

Cool Mustang Paper Cars

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Did you know that one of the 1974 Mustang sales brochures included a paper car cutout of the Mach 1?
Sam Atwal, one of our visitors, created a paper car for the 2011 Mustang.

October 18, 2009

Cool Things on MustangAttitude.com

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Thumbnails of every color offered in each year of Mustang production. We also have a larger thumbnail version and individual pages on Mustangs by color

Body styles by year for Mustang, Shelby, SVT Cobra, and Saleen
All special models of Mustangs or dedicated pages on the GT, Mach 1, Boss, or more
There are pages of all Mustang engines by size, year, and horsepower
We have a list of options with links to photos of them

Want to see more Mustangs? Check out our thumbnail list of all Mustangs on eBay

August 30, 2009

Ford Mustang Promotional Brochures

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Check out our growing collection of Ford Mustang Promotional booklets. They say things like:

1971: Meet America’s challenge to the great European road cars
1975: The new look of success
1977: Make driving fun again
1979: Ford Mustang The New Breed
1982: Mustang covers you from simmer to sizzle!
1985: Mustang is the spirit that moves you
1991: The only prerequisite is an appreciation for the fun of driving
2008: Start Salivating
2009: When was the first time?

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